SureBlend Dilution Control System

Meet the Renown® SureBlend Dilution Control System

Why Dilution Control?

Proper proportioning and handling of cleaning chemicals in a busy working environment can be difficult. Manually mixing an ideal cleaning solution for every task can result in inaccurate proportions, waste, and even physical harm if proper protective gear is not worn.

Enter SureBlend, a custom closed-loop dilution and dispensing system that provides users a perfect blend of style and performance. With three carefully designed dispenser types and a broad range of effective cleaning solutions, SureBlend offers a program that uniquely suits your business needs, all while providing:

  1. Safety: SureBlend's closed-loop dilution and dispensing systems protect users from coming in contact with chemicals.
  2. Accuracy: Each dispenser is calibrated to precisely combine chemicals and water to achieve optimum product performance.
  3. Waste Reduction: By fixing the dilution, SureBlend dispenses the correct amount of chemical every time, effectively reducing cleaning costs up to 30%.

The Dispensers

Each SureBlend dispensing system was designed to address the unique needs of your business. The wall units provide simple installation and intuitive, user-friendly controls, while the portable unit puts proportioning power in the user's hands.

SureBlend Q: SureBlend's most robust dispenser easily connects to your water line and holds up to four 80-ounce bottles, allowing the user to select and dispense the perfect solution for any task. Read more and download the instructional wall chart.

SureBlend S: With its space-efficient design and one-handed activation, the SureBlend S dispenser is ideal for janitorial closets and smaller spaces. The wall-mounted dispenser connects to a water line and securely locks one 80-ounce bottle in place. Read more and download the instructional wall chart.

SureBlend P: Flexibility is king with the SureBlend P portable dispenser. The 4-foot hose connects to any water line, and the handle-activated trigger provides one-handed control, allowing for out-of-the-box proportioning at the user's fingertips. An optional Foaming Kit provides additional cleaning flexibility. Read more and download the instructional wall chart.

SureBlend Dilution Control System

SureBlend Dilution Control System

Chemicals & Accessories

SureBlend's complete assortment of cleaning chemicals ensures that you're covered for any task. Each 80-ounce bottle within the line of 15 chemical concentrates locks snugly in place in any SureBlend dispenser, delivering optimal performance while maximizing efficiency and controlling costs. Download the convenient chart showing the use and application of each Sureblend chemical cleaner.

Optional accessories include the foaming kit, a longer, 6-foot water supply hose, and a Y adapter for faucet attachment.

Download the brochure for a complete list of items and more information about each.

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