How to Select Gas Connectors and Water Connectors


Gas Connectors

Follow these steps to determine the gas connector you need:

  1. Measure the distance between the appliance and the gas supply, and then add three inches.
  2. Refer to the manufacturer's label on the appliance to identify the maximum gas input rating.
  3. Select a gas connector with a maximum flow rating capacity higher than the appliance's input rating.
  4. Select the connector with the fittings that match the appliance's gas shut-off valve and inlet.

Gas Supply Materials

Tip: Always turn off the gas or water before working on supply lines and gas connectors, then turn water or gas back on slowly to check connection for leaks.

Gas Supply Connectors

Typically measured by outer diameter (designated as "OD" on packaging). Common examples include:

Flexible Gas Connectors
Flexible Gas Connectors
Gas Pipe, Tubing, & Fittings
Gas Pipe, Tubing, & Fittings
Gas Ball Valves & Shut-Offs
Gas Ball Valves & Shut-Offs

Flexible Water Supply Lines

Water Supply Line Materials

  • May be made of copper, but most are made of plastic, braided plastic, or braided stainless steel.

Tip: Research local regulations because some areas do not allow braided plastic supply lines.

Water Supply Connectors

To select the right connector, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the length you need by measuring from the inlet valve to the fixture, and then add four inches.
  2. Select the connector size. Refer to the chart below as a general guide.
Fixture Connector at Fixture Connector at Shut-Off Valve
Dishwasher 3/8" male pipe 1/2" or 3/8" compression
Faucet 1/2" female pipe 1/2" or 3/8" female compression or sweat
Icemaker 1/4" female compression 1/4" female compression
Toilet 7/8" ballcock 1/2" or 3/8" female compression or sweat
Washing Machine 3/4" hose thread 3/4" hose thread
Supply Lines & Connectors
Supply Lines & Connectors
Supply Stops & Valves
Supply Stops & Valves
Tubular Drains & Fittings
Tubular Drains & Fittings


Refer to the following designations on the packaging and labels to select the supply line you need:

  • FPT or FIP (Female Pipe Thread) - Female threaded fitting with the threads on the inside.
  • MPT or MIP (Male Pipe Thread) - Male threaded fitting with threading on the outside.
  • Compression - Fitting that attaches to a standard compression thread on the valve.


  • Deep Corrugation - Provides greater flexibility.
  • No-Burst® Hoses - Reinforced with stainless steel braiding.