Selecting the Right Blinds

Blinds help significantly with blocking sunlight in apartments, which can also reduce the amount of energy used in your property overall. When choosing blinds for your property, you should always keep in mind the advantages of each type and how they will impact your bottom line.

Things to Consider

  • Measure twice, order once. Make sure you measure the length and width of the windows you are covering. You will need to take into account how the blinds will hang over the windows and whether they will be set inside the window frame or hang from the wall above the window. Also consider whether you want the blinds to block more sunlight by extending past the edge of the windows.
  • Choose the right type. Some prefer vertical over horizontal or faux wood over aluminum. Be sure to take into account your property's standard style and your tenants' tastes when selecting replacement blinds.
  • Choose the right color. Another factor to remember - what color blinds to choose. It may be useful to compare sample pieces of colored blinds. You will want to choose a color that complements the wall decor of your property's units and doesn't stick out or draw too much attention.

Be sure to thoroughly evaluate each of these options and you will be sure to make the right decision when replacing blinds at your property.

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