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Why Rheem Hot Water Heaters?

Approximately 17 percent of the energy used in a home goes toward heating water. Choosing a high-efficiency water heater can cut energy costs by as much as 50 percent and provides added savings and convenience to your residents.1

Rheem is a trusted family of brands that offers a full line of natural gas, hybrid electric and commercial water heaters to meet your residents' needs. Rheem is a pioneer in innovative technologies and advancing energy efficiency in heating, cooling and water heating.


  • Maintenance-free FVIR water heaters; no filters to clean or replace
  • Mechanical gas valves preferred by professionals for ease of maintenance and initial startup
  • Stainless steel elements standard on most electric models
  • Protection Plus® extends the warranty an additional 4 years
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Get to Know the Differences

Traditional Tank Heater
Traditional Tank Heater
Hybrid Electric Heater
Hybrid Electric Heater
Commercial Water Heater
Commercial Water Heater
Traditional Tank Water Heater Hybrid Electric Water Heater Commercial Water Heater
Application • Easy swap for currently installed heaters
• Meets all efficiency and safety regulations
• Heats water via electric element and pump that extracts heat from ambient air • Natural gas heavy duty heater ideal for gyms, laundromats and multi-unit properties
Benefits Lowest initial cost option available in a variety of specs 3.57 UEF efficiency, ideal for high efficiency needs Universal configuration installs into any retrofit application
Estimated Useful Life 10-12 years 10-12 years 3-5 years