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Two industry leaders have become one—and we're better together. As a Home Depot Pro customer, you can now access an expanded assortment of training classes. Classes are taught by our team of professionals who are experienced in facility maintenance, facility management and vocational education. Students are recommended to have audio and video for the webinars. Most webinars are free of charge, if there is a charge it will be noted under Class Cost when you register. Some webinars may require handbooks that may be purchased separately. Certification classes have fees for testing components.


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Please Note: Paid class registration closes 6 weeks prior to the class date.


02/09/2023 - CPO Day 1 - 11AM-5PM EST EST - Register For Webinar

02/21/2023 - CPO Day 2 - 11AM-6PM EST EST - Register For Webinar

EPA Section 608

01/26/2023 - EPA 608 Exam Only - 11AM-5PM EST EST - Register For Webinar

02/22/2023 - EPA 608 Exam Only - 11AM-6PM EST EST - Register For Webinar

02/23/2023 - EPA 608 Exam Only - 11AM-5PM EST EST - Register For Webinar

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Virtual Advanced HVAC Certification Series

The HVAC Excellence Certification Series improves technical knowledge and job satisfaction by increasing efficiency and reducing mistakes. The comprehensive program equips technicians to meet the challenges facing our industry through an array of courses, including:

100 Series: Learn the basics of HVAC system components, the refrigerant cycle, and how oil works. Ideal for entry-level technicians.

  • Air Conditioning 101 - The Refrigeration Cycle (6.5 Hours): Learn the concepts of pressure, temperature relationship, heat, and vapor compression. Cost: $99
  • Air Conditioning 102 - Refrigerants And Oils (6.5 Hours): This introductory course covers refrigerant, oils, and retrofitting. Cost: $99
  • Air Conditioning 103 - AC System Components (6.5 Hours): Explore refrigerant circuit components and learn typical operating conditions, as well as proper installation and maintenance. Cost: $99
  • HVAC 100 Series Review And Exam (5 Hours - 2-Hr. Review, 3-Hr. Exam): Once 101, 102 and 103 level classes are complete, this exam is required for the HVAC Excellence Certification. Cost: $50

200 Series: Discover how to recover refrigerants per EPA 608 compliance and learn to complete repairs in a way that deters future defects. Ideal for techs with EPA 608 credentials and basic understanding of HVAC fundamentals.

  • Air Conditioning 201 - Brazing And Soldering (6.5 Hours): Learn tubing and proper processes for brazing, soldering, and leak testing systems. Cost: $99
  • Air Conditioning 202 - System Recovery And Evacuation (6.5 Hours): Dive into refrigerant recovery and evacuation processes and setup. Attend discussions on soldering and practical tips for leak testing. Cost: $99
  • HVAC 200 Series Review And Exam (5 Hours - 2-Hr. Review, 3-Hr. Exam): Once 201 and 202 level classes are complete, this exam is required for the HVAC Excellence Certification. Cost: $50

Advanced HVAC Retests: This course is strictly designed for review and retesting students who were not successful in prior attempts at testing. Cost: $50

Virtual-Live PHTA® Certified Pool Operator® Certification Class

HD Supply is proud to offer a 2-day webinar that, with successful completion, will provide the participant with a nationally recognized certification in Pool Operation***. In recent years, an increasing number of municipalities across the nation have begun requiring formalized training & a qualified certification for operators & owners of public & semi-public pools. The most widely accepted program with national recognition is the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA®) Certified Pool Operator (CPO®).

To become a Certified Pool Operator®, the student is required to achieve a minimum score of 74% on the CPO® exam. The exam is administered in an open-book format. During the test, the student can refer to his/her PHTA Pool-Spa Operator handbook© as well as any notes taken, or handouts distributed during the webinar.

Upon achieving a passing test score, the CPO® certification will be registered with the PHTA® & the student will receive their certificates by email within approximately 3 weeks. The certification is issued by the PHTA®.

The course is taught in a two-day format starting at 11:00 AM EST & concluding at 6:00 PM EST each day. Students must be on camera & attend both days for the full length of class. It is taught in English & includes instruction & discussion using a PowerPoint presentation. Homework is given for the evening of the first day. The cost for the class is $350.00 per student, which includes the PHTA handbook. The handbook will be mailed out to the address on the account, given at registration. Because of the quantity & depth of material covered, it is highly recommended that the student study the book prior to the class to become familiar with its content.

The student MUST bring these to the class:

  • The PHTA Pool-Spa Operator handbook
  • A calculator
  • Paper & pencil or pen
  • Photo ID (required for the test)
  • Students MUST have camera & microphone

Please note: The exam given is not an "easy" test. A lot of information is covered in a short time, & there is a math component to the course that some technicians can find difficult. While much of the material covered is technical in nature, the course & materials are designed so that if a student with the needed language & reading skills pays attention to the material covered in the class, participates in classroom activities, & completes the homework, they should be able to achieve a passing score for certification.

To register for your CPO certification class click on the following link:

***HD Supply offers its PHTA Certified Pool Operator ® (CPO) course in accordance with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance's requirements. Obtaining a certification is not a guarantee that the recipient is certified for all local & private requirements. Review your city, county, & municipal regulations to ensure the recipient is in compliance.

EPA Section 608 Of The Federal Clean Air Act Certification Testing

This is an opportunity for technicians to become certified by the EPA to work with AC refrigerants. A technician must hold this certification in order to legally purchase or handle all refrigerants used in residential & commercial air conditioning systems. This class requires a $85.00 fee, plus cost of the EPA 608 booklet, which is available for purchase on our website. We recommend students purchase the booklet 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the webinar to give students the chance to become familiar with the information they will be tested on.

Please order your EPA exam preparation book now.

You will need to schedule your proctored exam. The cost is $85.00. To schedule your exam click on the following link: