Niagara Products

Efficient Solutions for Water Conservation

Water is a valuable and expensive resource that is used abundantly in homes. Whether you are trying to cut your water bill expenses or help the environment, Niagara Conservation® has the answers for you. Niagara combines high-efficiency products for a powerful water- and energy-saving solution. From toilets and showerheads to aerators, we offer an assortment of innovative and stylish products for every property with the resident in mind. Browse our selection below and start shopping with us today!

Niagara Toilets

Our toilets are equipped with the best technology, making them the most effective on the market.

Niagara Showerheads

Minimize water waste with showerheads that have powerful sprays.

Niagara Aerators

Don't stop at just toilets and showerheads. These aerators deliver great energy savings.