Tips for Choosing an Interior Door

Prehung Doors vs. Slab Doors

When it comes to choosing an interior door, you have two options: prehung door or slab door.

The Basics

A prehung door is a self-contained unit that is pre-attached in its own frame. The main parts of a prehung door are: door slab, hinges, and frame.

A slab door is a slab of wood, composite, or steel. Slab doors require hardware to attach to the frame.

Choose A Prehung Door If:

  1. There is no existing door frame, or the existing frame is damaged.
  2. You are considering new construction or renovation.
  3. Installation will be done from the exterior and needs to be weathertight.

Choose A Slab Door If:

  1. Cost is a determining purchase factor.
  2. You feel especially comfortable with your craftsmanship and woodworking skills.
  3. You find the weight and bulkiness of a pre-hung door daunting.
  4. Installation will be done from the interior.

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