8 Steps to a Cleaner Restroom

Restrooms are the source of more complaints than any other area in a facility. A dirty restroom not only creates a negative image of your business, it can also pose a serious health risk to employees and visitors. Follow these steps to ensure your restrooms – and your reputation – remain clean.

Step 1: Stock Your Cleaning Cart

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Step 2: Prepare for cleaning

Step 3: Disinfect toilets and urinals

Toilets and urinals are a key source of foul odors and harmful bacteria, and so they require thorough cleaning and disinfection that follow a specific protocol. As disinfectants have different dwell times – that is, how long a disinfectant must remain in contact with a surface in order to effectively kill harmful bacteria – toilets should be treated with disinfectant and rinsed after the other areas of the restroom are clean. To properly disinfect a toilet or urinal, follow these steps:

  • Plunge toilet water into drain with a toilet mop to remove water from toilet bowl
  • Apply a generous amount of toilet bowl cleaner inside toilet rim and apply 1-2 ounces directly to bowl mop
  • Swab inside of toilet bowl thoroughly and allow to dwell for 10 minutes, or according to dwell time indicated on chemical label for proper disinfection
  • Apply disinfectant to a red microfiber cloth and clean toilet seats, handles, and exterior
  • Repeat above procedures for each toilet and urinal, as well as toilet stall doors and partitions

Step 4: Sweep floors and dispose of debris

Step 5: Empty trash and refill dispensers

Keeping restrooms stocked and trash levels low prevents the spread of bacteria and creates a positive image for restroom visitors.

Step 6: Clean glass and surfaces

Restroom surfaces – particularly high-touch areas like countertops, stall doors, and dispenser handles – are breeding grounds for germs. Thorough disinfecting of all surfaces prevents contamination and improves the overall aesthetics of your restrooms.

Step 7: Mop floors with industrial floor cleaners

Step 8: Flush and rinse toilets and urinals

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