Man installing Fluidmaster fill valve

A Brand You Can Trust

Fluidmaster® offers your residents reliability that lasts. Their efficient and competitive products perform better than other products of their kind and are easy to install. Made to last, many of their products also exceed every code requirement for durability. Fluidmaster is the hardest-working brand in the business, so you can count on them as a brand your residents can trust.

Toilet Parts

Man installing Fluidmaster fill valve
Toilet and Urinal Parts

From tank levers to fill valves, Fluidmaster parts are installed in more toilets than all other brands combined. No matter the part, Fluidmaster provides residents with durability and reliability.

Faucet Supply Line hooked up to wall
Faucet Supply Lines and Connectors

Made of a tough polymer core encased in braided stainless steel wire, these connectors go beyond what's required by code. They're backed by a 10-year warranty and are only found where other PRO Series products are sold.

Braided stainless steel toilet supply line
Toilet Supply Lines and Connectors

Fluidmaster's Click Seal® technology ensures easy installation. All you need is a Click Seal water supply connector and a hand to tighten it. The click will let you know it's sealed. No overthinking, no cracked parts, no callbacks.

Water Heater Accessory being repaired
Water Heater Accessories

Fluidmaster makes water heater connectors with braided stainless steel to provide maximum protection against bursting. Your residents can rest easy with connectors that won't kink or crease, even in tight spaces.