Organic Dumpster Odor Control

Destroy Dumpster Odors at Their Source

Consume® commercial organic digester naturally removes difficult organic soils from dumpsters and many other surfaces, keeping them odor-free.

• Digestive action eats away the source of odors
• Vanilla fragrance aids in odor elimination
• Versatility allows it to be used in carpets, drains, dumpsters and more

Consume Organic Digestor
1 Gallon, Vanilla Scent (4 pack)
Item # 90-3563

Daily Dumpster Maintenance

Blue Nitrile Gloves: 3mil - Exam Grade

1. Put on Proper PPE

Use personal protection equipment like gloves, goggles and safety shoes before using the cleaner.

Blue Nitrile Gloves: 3mil - Exam Grade
Item # 294438: Medium
Item # 294436: Large

Consume Organic Digester, Vanilla Scent

2. Gather Supplies

All you need for effective dumpster odor control is Consume Organic Digester and your preferred spray applicator.

Consume Organic Digester, Vanilla Scent
Item # 90-3563: 1 Gallon (4 pack)

Hudson Super Sprayer

3. Spray Dumpster

Apply a diluted solution of Consume directly to the dumpster. Scrub as desired and allow to air dry.

Hudson Super Sprayer®
2 Gallons
Item # 99-3558

Renown Bulk Hand Soap, Pink

4. Return Supplies & Wash Hands

Safely store your supplies and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 15-20 seconds.

Renown® Bulk Hand Soap, Pink
1 Gallon
Item # 55-5132