Your Easy Apartment Turn Guide

Prepare for apartment turns by stocking up on these time- and money-saving essentials. The right maintenance, repair and operation products will cut your costs and help you find new tenants quickly. Plus, use our expert tips to increase your property value while an apartment is vacant. Download our helpful Apartment Turnover Checklist to guide you through the apartment turn process.

Install It Easier

With more residents sheltering in place, non-emergency maintenance can easily become a major cost to your property. We have the products to help you tackle these fixes faster, so you can get back to business.

Tackle Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Catch up on necessary maintenance tasks while apartments are unoccupied to avoid emergency repair disasters. The older the building, the more important preventative maintenance is to resident satisfaction and property care.

Repair Frequently Used Features

Apartment repairs are an essential part of attracting new residents. The Home Depot Pro has solutions for everything from damaged doors and screens to wobbly ceiling fans.

Make Budget-Friendly Upgrades with Major Impact

Energy-efficient features are not a trend. They are the preference among renters. Ensure you find a tenant for your empty units by making these cost-effective upgrades.

Freshen Up Dirty or Damaged Spaces

Make an old unit look new with a fresh coat of paint on the walls or varnish on the floors. Your turn checklist should include filling holes, painting and cleaning.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Make a good first impression as soon as prospective tenants step onto the property. Spruce up your property’s exterior by pressure washing parking lots and other hard surface areas and repairing old or broken features like fencing, furniture, shutters, lighting and doors.

Other Turn Project Essentials