Tips for Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

10 Ways to Make Your Property More Accessible

  1. Post clear signage to all wheelchair-accessible entrances.
  2. Keep your lowered accessible counters clear at all times.
  3. Mark corners, steps, and edges with high–visibility, contrasting-colored material so that they can be easily seen.
  4. Have accessible seating for wheelchair users in your office and/or common areas.
  5. Keep walkways and parking access aisles clear and free of clutter.
  6. Ensure your premises is well lit.
  7. Use braille and raised lettering to indicate permanent rooms, such as restrooms.
  8. In bathrooms, make sure wastebaskets and other moveable objects do not obstruct clear spaces next to the doors. In wheelchair-accessible stalls, keep the area around the toilet and under the sink clear.
  9. Accommodate service animals.
  10. Make sure that your accessible areas are always open during normal business hours.

These small steps can make a huge difference in the experience that persons with disabilities and their friends and family have at your property.

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