Hard Floor Maintenance And Protection from 3M

3M is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective cleaning solutions that help protect facilities and people, while creating clean, safe and comfortable environments throughout the world. 3M has incorporated the concept of sustainability into the design of many of its products which helps save time, save money, enhance worker safety and improve productivity.

Hard Floor Maintenance and Protection


Floor Pads

3M™ Floor pads reduce costs and save time by reducing the number of abrasives and chemical strippers required compared to traditional methods of floor grinding and polishing.


Floor Cleaning Systems

3M Floor Cleaning Systems keep floors protected at a lower cost by reducing the amount of employee hours and chemicals needed to keep the floor in pristine condition.


Earn LEED Credits

Our green purchasing program includes products which help achieve LEED credits, provide cost-savings, and reduce environmental impact in the following areas:

  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials Selection

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