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Home Depot Pro offers an extensive selection of products, services, and solutions that helps you streamline your operations and solve even your toughest facility maintenance challenges.

Exclusive Brands

Exclusive Brands
Save up to 40% on National Brands


Time- & Money-Saving Solutions

Custom Services

Custom Services
Blinds, Keying Services, Window Screens, & Screen Doors

Special Orders

Special Orders
Locate Hard-to-Find Products

Training Sessions

Training Sessions
Professional Training from Certified Instructors

Custom Blinds

Need a special size? Home Depot Pro can customize! Whether you're looking for custom mini blinds, verticals or faux wood, you provide the exact dimensions—we provide the blinds to fit any window size. We are continually adding new Cut Centers within our distribution network from coast to coast to ensure your custom blind orders are shipped fast.

Download Our Custom Blinds Order Form (.pdf)

Keying Services

Our security products group offers a wide variety of customized and cost efficient keying services, such as grandmaster and multi-level key systems. Call us today, and let us evaluate your keying needs.

Window Screens

Ordering new and replacement window screens couldn't be easier. See the back of our product catalog for the easy-to-follow information, which contains everything you need to know about ordering custom, quality built window screens.

Download Our Window Screens Brochure (.pdf)

Integrated Supply Chain Management Solutions

Our National Account Managers are the best in the industry! They truly understand your business goals and objectives and can help you produce real savings and improved efficiencies, which affect your bottom line.

  • Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Reduce Your Operating Costs
  • Innovative Technology
  • Purchasing Power
  • Product Consistency and Standardization
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Customized Reporting
  • RenovationsPlus Division
  • Special Order Services
  • EcoSource Green Purchasing Programs

Shop Organization

We help you keep your shop organized! Home Depot Pro is there for you with labels, want lists and helpful suggestions to keep your shop running smoothly.

Bin Labels

Identifying your needs is easy with our color-coded SmartShop™ label system. Each label displays a description, stock level and picture of product—so you'll always know exactly what's in the bin. Product categories are color coded, so your shop stays organized. SmartShop labels make it easy to stay on top of your stock levels, so you're always ready for the unexpected.

Want Lists

The Home Depot Pro Want List is another great tool to help you keep track of what you need. Keep it near your inventory storage area, and check off items as you use them. When it's time to order, you'll be ready. Never be caught without the product you need.

Categorized Invoices

Each Home Depot Pro invoice totals the items ordered in each category. When it's time to prepare maintenance budgets, you'll be ahead of the game. Home Depot Pro can even customize, your product categories to match your company's general ledger chart of accounts–another free service designed specifically for your needs. To get started, complete the SmartInvoice form in the back of this catalog, and we'll take it from there!

Budget Reports

If you could have one report that detailed your spending by product category, broken down month-to-date, year-to-date

and per unit, what would you pay for the convenience? How about free? Just ask and we'll supply you with this helpful budgeting tool.

Management Reports

This report takes all the information available in the budget report and summarizes the maintenance costs for your entire company, broken down by property.