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More hygienic than a cloth, more resilient than a paper towel, the wiper is a powerful tool with a variety of cleaning and wiping applications. Whether you're looking for an absorbent and strong towel for spill cleanup or a heavy-duty, low-lint solution for grease removal, there are a variety of wiper options available to meet your needs. Learn more about the different types and applications of wipers below.

General Purpose Wipers

  • Use for: General-purpose cleaning and wiping of surfaces in a variety of settings, including offices, classrooms, washrooms, food service establishments, hospitality settings, and health care facilities. Replace more costly, less sanitary sponges and cleaning cloths.
  • Typical Materials Include: Paper; Double Re-creped Cellulose (DRC); and proprietary blends of cellulose fibers and bonding agents.
  • Absorbency: Moderate to High
  • Wet Strength: Moderate to High
  • Solvent Resistance: None to Moderate
  • Not Lint-Free

Solvent-Resistant Wipers

  • Use for: Medium- to heavy-duty, low-lint wiping tasks for which solvent- and tear-resistance are paramount. Applications include automotive shops, machine cleaning, and wiping of rough surfaces. Replace more costly shop towels and rags.
  • Typical Materials Include: Water-woven or hydroentangled polypropylene and pulp fibers.
  • Absorbency: Moderate to Very High
  • Wet Strength: High to Very High
  • Solvent Resistance: High to Very High
  • Low-Lint

Glass, Detail and Delicate Task Wipers

  • Use for: Cleaning and wiping of glass, tools, instruments, equipment parts, and delicate surfaces.
  • Typical Materials Include: Scrim; tissue; airlaid/polyethylene; spunlace fibers; proprietary blends.
  • Absorbency: Low to Moderate
  • Wet Strength: Moderate
  • Solvent Resistance: None to Moderate
  • Lint-Free to Low-Lint

Wet Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes

  • Use for: Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in a variety of settings, including fitness centers and gyms, health care facilities, schools, day cares, supermarkets, retail spaces, and food service establishments.
  • Typical Materials Include: Pre-moistened wipes treated with various chemical disinfectants.

In addition to reducing costs and improving the health of your facility, the right wiper can support your facility's commitment to Green principles. Renown and ToolBox brands offer a selection of wipers with recycled content; ToolBox GreenX Series wipers are composed of 100% recycled DRC, with a minimum of 10% post-industrial and 40% post-consumer materials representing 85% of total product weight. GreenX is the first wiper series to meet the EPA's comprehensive procurement guidelines, providing you with opportunities to earn credit toward LEED-EB certifications.

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