Benefits of eProcurement

Benefits of eProcurement

Power Your Business With eProcurement

The Home Depot Pro Knows Spend Management

Managing a property comes with plenty of demands but losing time on purchasing shouldn’t be one of them. The Home Depot Pro knows spend management is critical to running your business. Our eProcurement options make it simple to order and track the supplies your property needs, while capturing savings and staying compliant.

The Home Depot Pro’s eProcurement solution can help your business centralize purchasing and increase supplier transparency. We can provide a static or punch-out shopping experience based on your unique needs and deliver your invoices electronically or manually. We support standard EDI and cXML ordering technologies and can integrate with over 50 of the industry’s leading portal partners to help you maximize your purchasing power. Ready to learn more? Get started now!

spend managment

Optimize spend management

Improve contract compliance and purchasing oversight by controlling which suppliers employees utilize

leverage automation

Leverage automation

Ensure accurate order processing and increase employee productivity, reducing manual touchpoints and errors

create custom catalog

Create custom catalog

Limit rogue spend and maximize savings by curating your assortment to preselected products